No joke. This actually happened. What you don’t see is how nice Tom Wilson actually is. Thankfully for all of us, you can’t see anything in Biff’s pants either. This video was filmed at a fun lil’ comedy club called The Icehouse in Pasadena, where Tom stayed well after his show to meet and greet with fans. Luckily, some dude next to me was hollering like a madman, which spawned this epic camera in Biff’s pants moment.

For more on the very funny and talented Tom Wilson, please visit his official site (

Tom is also a very accomplished visual artist, focusing on pop imagery that PPW can definitely get behind. A few of his paintings are below, but see more at (

Apple_Krate tom wilson original painting

Blue_Knockout Apple_Krate tom wilson original painting

Blue_Knockout Apple_Krate tom wilson original painting

Photo credit: Tom Wilson,


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Well call a home fusion generator a home fusion generator. The past few months has seen an abnormally high volume of viral gems related to Back to the Future (1985).  As recent as this week, we’ve seen props, lost footage and role reprisals hit our fave social networks with the force of 1.21 twitalots.  Do these recent bursts of fire have anything to do with the Holy Trillogy’s upcomming Blu-Ray release on October 26th?  Is Biff Tannen an asshole?

It appears that the Delorean is hardly out of fuel these days.  With rumors of a Justin Bieber reboot, Marty’s 2015 jacket at auction for 50 grand, fan communities throwing anniversary conventions and hand building their own Delorean time machines, Christopher Lloyd dressing up as Doc Brown for gangsta rap videos, Tom Wilson singing songs about being Biff in his standup routine, Claudia Wells signing Save the Clocktower flyers in her Ventura Blvd. men’s apparal store, Michael J. Fox reenacting the original teaser trailer for Spike TV and Crispin Glover still not giving a shit…we’re heading 88mph into a plutonium charged franchise explosion.  Well, the destruction might in fact be very localized, limited to merely our own galaxy.

Other relevant viral occurrences included Nike’s recent patent of Marty’s 2015 Air-Mag (Air-McFly) signature “power laces.”  The rudimentary images of this patent found their way across Facebook, Twitter, Google and the Hill Valley Edition of USA Today.

Most recently, we were treated to the holy grail of all exploding guitar/speaker amplifiers: THE ERIC STOLTZ FOOTAGE.  14 years ago, I was told by another fan that such footage existed.  Nearly a decade and a half later, a few table scraps have fallen from the cutting room table, right into Joey’s crib.  Now we can watch Jackie Gleason while we eat!

Will the Blu-Ray discs contain more footage of Stoltz as Marty McFly?  BTTF Godfather Bob Gale said the following about the upcoming release:

I’m sure fans will enjoy the new documentaries, which include interviews with cast and crew members who — for budgetary reasons — were left out of the 2002 documentaries…So there are some stories and anecdotes told on camera for the first time. And since everyone wants to know, there are three very brief snippets of Eric Stoltz incorporated into one of the documentaries.

Is it possible that CNN’s clip has already shown us all of the Stoltz footage we’ll get?  We all remember what happened when we saw Michael Jackson’s “This is It.”  Kinda seemed like Larry King and Wolf Blitzer had shown it to us a thousand times already.

Whatever the future holds for the Stoltz Footage, BTTF fans will be treated to an incredible digital transfer of this timeless trilogy.  And in a way, such a viewer experience will be a time travel in itself – the clearest look back at a much younger Michael J. Fox in his most memorable role, perfectly intersected with the careers of Zemeckis, Gale and Spielberg during what truly was truly the golden age of cult blockbuster cinema.

If you haven’t seen the released Stoltz footage, here it is – Enjoy:

– Pops

Eric Stoltz vs. michael j. fox marty mcfly back to the future part I


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