Since the early days of television, the on screen father figure has evolved considerably.  From the man who always knows best, to the guy who hasn’t got a clue.  We’ve seen his image redefined, and redefined again – working class hero – single parent neat freak – live in housekeeper – animated doughnut eating, son choking, lovable shlub .  His evolution has been a sign of the times, transcending stereotypes, boundaries of race and orientation.  From reality, to actual reality, DAD comes in many forms, shapes and sizes.  Who is your favorite TV DAD?  Here are just a few of TV’s memorable father figures:

Father Knows Best family shot picture portrait

Father Knows Best family shot picture portrait dick van dyke mary tyler more rob laurie petrie

1964 munsters family herman munster father poppowwow fred

brady bunch father mike brady opening credits windows mike greg peter

archie bunker all in the family rob reiner carol o'connor

tom bosley howard cunningham the cunninghams family picture portriate henry winkler the fonz ron howard danny most marion

cliff huxtable the cosby show bill cosby raven simone that's so symone

tony danza who's whose whoose the boss alyssa milano family portrait picture

danny tanner bob saget mary kate ashley olsen olson michelle twins full house family picture portrait publicity still shot

married with children family portriate kelly bundy christina applegate ed o'neil oneil peg bud al jefferson darcy

best tv dad of all time dan lauria wonder years jack arnold the daniel stern kevin arnold winnie whinnie cooper fred savage josh saviano ally mills jason hervey

homer simpson bart simpson father on roof nailing choking bart animated fox television long running cartoon

tony soprano father figure poster hbo mafia mob hit series hour long he'll knock you off

the osbournes ozzy jack kelly sharon sharron america's got talent reality television toys memorabilia action figures

snoop dogg's fatherhood dr. dre reality television

is jon gosslin gosselin a fit father ET Insider HD yes no reality television sign of the times

modern family jesse tyler ferguson eric stonestreet progress gay couple baby

glee mike o'malley kurt's father


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10 Sep 2010

John and kate plus 8 high school yearbook photos side by side before reality but in reality

kate cate gosslin pregnant with 8 damn kids real old photo

john and kate plus 8 tlc dvd season 3 reality television

john and kate family portrait before the mayhem

jon and kate gosslin wedding photo so happy looking

jon and kate plus 8 divorce tabloids national enquirer 10 million dollar divorce!

John and kate plus 8 high school yearbook photos side by side before reality but in reality yelling and crying

jon_and_kate_plus_eight_dad_cheating us weekly

john and kate plus 8 tabloid photos looking fat looking abnormally good for having so many children ed hardy woo woo

john and kate plus 8 tlc dvd season 3 reality television


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