Making direct contact with your favorite (or least favorite) celebrity used to be fairly impossible for the average media junkie.  If you want to have an exchange with Mark Paul Gosselaar about having his babies – you used to have to write to his fanclub (Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Paradigm Talent Agency, 360 North Crescent Dr., North Bldg. Beverly Hills, CA 90210, USA) – and that never worked.  Thank Tom Cruise someone invented TWITTER.  Now we can e-stalk all kinds of celebs who post their own digital breadcrumbs for us to make our own iconic chicken parm sandwiches to devour – or eggplant parm if you’re a veggie.

Rising tween star Justin Bieber’s name is mentioned 60 times a second on Twitter.(More)  When the future host of MTV’s Punk’d reboot tweeted a hacker’s cell phone number as revenge for getting into Bieber’s friend’s Twitter account, Kevin Kristopik’s cell phone was flooded with thousands upon gizzoogles of calls.(More)  Not quite the interaction Kristopik was hoping for, but now we all know his name.  So I guess that’s something for the Warhol book.  Recently, Twitter account user “iHeartMtnDew” took a shot at Twitter account user “frankiemuniz.”  Muniz hit back.  I liked it so much I framed it.

– Pops

Frankie Muniz burn Twitter oh snap

frankie muniz oh snap twitter burn iHeartMtnDew @ malcolm in the middle


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