Friday 15th October 2010

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In a country built on a dream, anything is possible.  A little girl named Mary Louise from Bay City, Michigan popped her musical cherry all over the world and became the age-less Pop icon Madonna.  A struggling animation artist named Walter created a mouse, grew a funny mustache and built an empire, despite rumors of being anti-Semitic, frozen and incapable of being able to grow a mustache.  The son of Duluth shop owner Abraham Zimmerman hitchhiked to The Big Apple and decided to call himself Bob Dylan.  A boy named Clint from Burbank, California grew up to be Ron Howard‘s brother.

Whatever your dream is – being Ron Howard’s brother, or being in a movie about 1940’s women’s baseball, producing a Christmas album with ironic context, or turning theme park rides into valuable film properties while you’re still frozen…WHATEVER it is, it’s possible.  Maybe.

For every story of missing the mark, falling short of the target and finding yourself on FAIL BLOG the day after you pooped yourself and blacked out in your neighbor’s doghouse – there are those individuals who defy all possible expectations, spit in the face of doubt and meet unbelievable potential to do and be someone that’s truly one in a million, or a few million, or more than that.  That being said, here are a collection of pictures of a few kids with potential – from FDR to Obama: Young U.S. Presidents.

Franklin D. Roosevelt young boy kid picture president

#32 – Franklin D. Roosevelt

president harry truman young picture

#33 Harry S. Truman

Dwight D. Eisenhour young picture

#34 Dwight D. Eisenhower

John F. Kennedy young boy picture life magazine

#35 John F. Kennedy

Lyndon B. Johnson president of the united states young picture photo

#36 Lyndon B. Johnson

Richard M Nixon As High School Student

#37 Richard M. Nixon

Gerald Ford president young photo

#38 Gerald Ford

Young Jimmy Carter in the military

#39 Jimmy Carter

reagan ronald playing football young picture

#40 Ronald Reagan

george herbert walker bush dke yale president skulls young picture

#41 George H. W. Bush

young bill clinton playing with the saxophone

#42 Bill Clinton

young george bush baseball uniform

#43 George W. Bush

young barack obama photo

#44 Barack Obama

Photo credit: Life, Corbis, AP


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