Tuesday 17th May 2011

by admin

Marissa Hopkins wants you to call her right now and buy the Home Alone house at 847-681-4145 and move in and put Christmas decorations and potato flake snowflakes all over the house all year and sled down the stairs everyday. And you can do this for 2.4 million dollars. She’s posted amazing photos of the house and this lively advert-umentary entitled: “Inside the Home Alone Home – Listed by Coldwell Banker (2011)

There is so much to say about this video, but we won’t do that. Let’s just watch it together…

home alone inside the home listed by coldwell banker from the film john hughes for sale chicago ahhhh!!!

home alone in side the home listed by coldwell banker hopkins buy the home alone house for sale from the movie

photocredit: http://homealonehome.coldwellbanker.com/


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