Wednesday 7th July 2010

by admin

Hoax Back to the Future Time Circuits Destination Time July 6th 5th 2010

The purposefully misspelled iPhone app “DELORAEN TIME CIRCUIT” is the key to yesterday’s BACK TO THE FUTURE time circuit HOAX.  What happened: word was spreading that July 5th or 6th 2010 was the exact day Marty travels TO THE FUTURE.  Unfortunately, Hoverboards are still 5 years away – (October 21st 2015).  A screenshot of the app set to July 5th, or July 6th began to make its way around social networking sites and email forwards.  Needless to say, 2010 is never mentioned in BTTF 1, 2 or 3.  For a full index of Marty’s time trips, CLICK HERE.


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