We over here at PPW have a special place in our hearts for the John Hughes classic film, The Breakfast Club (1985). So much so, that we’ve searched far and wide for any behind the scenes photos that may be out there, only to find that there isn’t a whole lot to check out. An album we created a few years back and posted to Reddit has been re-posted around the web, showing that we’re not the only ones looking for a rare behind the scenes glimpse of this 80’s classic. So here is the album we created, in all it’s glory for you to enjoy:












Courtesy: Universal Pictures


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Reddit user GallowBoob lived nearby the Lutz, Florida neighborhood that served as the backdrop for Edward Scissorhands (1990) and recently took the time to line up a couple of real life shots to match the film.

In GallowBoob’s own words as posted in this IMGUR album: “In 1990 Edward Scissorhands was filmed in a (then brand new) subdivision right down the street from me just outside of Tampa, Fl. My Mom worked for the doctor on call to the set. I had some afternoon hours off recently so I took my daughter for a stroll around the neighborhood and took some “before and afters.” It looks NOTHING like it did, mainly because there were no trees in the movie, just bushes… (and of course the houses were painted pastely)”

Here are Gallowboob’s pics in all their glory:







SOURCE: Imgur.com


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back to the future israel one sheet poster promo


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John Hughes lovers around the world are uniting with a shared dream of owning this silver toy. True to it’s iconic status, Coldwell Banker has rolled out the red carpet with a advert-umentary and these professional photographs. Now you can dream what it would be like if life was perfect and every day you lived in the Home Alone house, by yourself. Ice-cream-every-day.

photocredit: http://homealonehome.coldwellbanker.com/


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Marissa Hopkins wants you to call her right now and buy the Home Alone house at 847-681-4145 and move in and put Christmas decorations and potato flake snowflakes all over the house all year and sled down the stairs everyday. And you can do this for 2.4 million dollars. She’s posted amazing photos of the house and this lively advert-umentary entitled: “Inside the Home Alone Home – Listed by Coldwell Banker (2011)

There is so much to say about this video, but we won’t do that. Let’s just watch it together…

home alone inside the home listed by coldwell banker from the film john hughes for sale chicago ahhhh!!!

home alone in side the home listed by coldwell banker hopkins buy the home alone house for sale from the movie

photocredit: http://homealonehome.coldwellbanker.com/


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12 May 2011

doc brown was here 88 eighty eight mph miles per hour traffic sign 35 thirty five violation speeding cops cop delorean time travel back to the future funny picture rare amazing unique hoverconverted hoverboad mayor goldie wilson I like the sound of that kid i OWN THE POLICE

doc brown back to the future christopher lloyd amazing actor iconic role


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Maybe it’s a glitch in the Matrix, or maybe we’re all just suckers for nostalgia. The return of Hello Dolly on broadway wasn’t the only flamboyant revival we’ve seen in 2011. HERE WE GO: Cars 2, Diary of a Whimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules, Happy Feet 2, Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil, Johnny English Reborn, Kung Fu Panda 2, Piranha 3DD, Sherlock Holmes 2, Alvin and the Chipmunks 3: Chipwrecked, Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son, Madea’s Big Happy Family, Paranormal Activity 3, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Scream 4, Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World, Twilight: Breaking Dawn (Part One), Fast Five, Final Destination 5, Puss in Boots, X-Men: First Class, Winnie the Pooh, The Muppets: Rise of the Apes, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows PART TWO.

Here’s where we bitch about the obvious. Instead, the folks at PPW have prepared a treat: THE HANGOVER TRAILERS SIDE BY SIDE. They’re not identical, but then again at one point, we all thought Michelle Tanner was one person.

the hangover POPPOWWOW pop pow wow one and two are the same concept yes we know this but we'll see it anyway! poster release date women find bradley cooper attractive ed helms zach galifianakis is so funny justin bartha ken jeong paul giamatti mike tyson jeffrey tambor mason lee jamie chung sasha barrese gillian vigman aroon seeboonruang nirut sirichanya yasmine lee face tatoo monkey tiger getting wasted mike tyson in the air tonight is an awesome song woo woo
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No joke. This actually happened. What you don’t see is how nice Tom Wilson actually is. Thankfully for all of us, you can’t see anything in Biff’s pants either. This video was filmed at a fun lil’ comedy club called The Icehouse in Pasadena, where Tom stayed well after his show to meet and greet with fans. Luckily, some dude next to me was hollering like a madman, which spawned this epic camera in Biff’s pants moment.

For more on the very funny and talented Tom Wilson, please visit his official site (http://www.tomwilsonusa.com/).

Tom is also a very accomplished visual artist, focusing on pop imagery that PPW can definitely get behind. A few of his paintings are below, but see more at (http://www.bigpopfun.com/)

Apple_Krate tom wilson original painting

Blue_Knockout Apple_Krate tom wilson original painting

Blue_Knockout Apple_Krate tom wilson original painting

Photo credit: Tom Wilson, www.bigpopfun.com


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Filmgoers have the rare opportunity to see a 35mm, theatrical print of “Can’t Buy Me Love,” along with a talkback with many of the film’s cast and its screenwriter, at a midnight showing on Friday, February 11, 2011, at Landmark’s Nuart Theatre in Los Angeles.

WHAT: “CAN’T BUY ME LOVE” First Ever Cast/Crew Reunion Screening
WHEN: Friday, February 11, MIDNIGHT
WHERE: Landmark’s Nuart Theatre – 11272 SANTA MONICA BLVD., LA, CA 90025
TICKETS: https://tickets.landmarktheatres.com/ ($10.50, $8.00 Senior/Child)

In 1987, Seth Green was barely a teenager when he got to hang with the cool kids on the set of “Can’t Buy Me Love.” From seeing movies with his on-screen older brother Patrick Dempsey, to learning skateboard tricks off the set from Max Perlich, Green recalled many fond memories with his castmates while filming this 80’s cult-classic film.

The CBML screening will welcome an ensemble of key players, giving audience members the opportunity to ask questions and be part of the reunion.

Featured guests so far:
Can't Buy Me Love Guests nu art theatre february 11th poppowwow

Screenwriter Michael Swerdlick and actors Darcy DeMoss, Courtney Gains, Devin DeVasquez, Cort McCown, Gerardo Mejia, Max Perlich and Eric Bruskotter will reunite for the first time at the screening with additional stars and filmmakers to be announced shortly. Fans can expect an introduction of the night’s guests, never before scene surprises, and a post-show Q+A.

Much gratitude to Seth for his help and support – long live Can’t Buy Me Love!


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can't buy me love screening nuart los angeles february 11th midnight landmark theaters poppowwow pop pow wow

In collaboration with Landmark Theaters and The NuArt Theater, PPW helped produce a most special 35mm showing of “Can’t Buy Me Love” (1987).  For the first time ever, the film will screen with a Q&A with cast/crew and a special appearance by screenwriter Michael Swerdlick.  If you’re a fan of CBML, this is an event you will not want to miss!  Reasonably priced tickets are on sale now:


If you’re saving your money for a telescope,microscope and/or severe swede outfit, have no fear lawnboy, you can WIN FREE TICKETS ON PPW…

THE CHALLENGE: Send PPW an email, a picture or a video that shows us how much you LOVE, CBML.  Film yourself starting a slow clap in the school cafeteria, pose on your uncle’s lawnmower and ride into the sunset, organize a flash mob of the African Anteater Ritual or write a haiku about going from TOTALLY GEEK TO TOTALLY SHEIK.

Five winners will be chosen and presented with free admission for two.  The sheik-est will be featured here on PPW.com  GOOD LUCK!!



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